Custom Fiber is an international company specializing in the production of functional, high-quality fibers. Our products are obtained by processing natural raw materials of plant origin, such as cereals, cellulose, vegetables and fruits.

Fibers from Custom Fiber can improve functional properties, quality and production efficiency of products in a wide range of industries, both in the food and industrial applications.

Custom fiber - responsible production, natural products

We can offer innovative, high quality products due to the use of modern technology, our experience and highly qualified employees. Custom Fiber manufactures products of the future that fit perfectly into innovative and current trends.Thanks to our dietary fibers, food manufacturers around the world can offer their consumers more nutritious and healthy products.

The use of fiber in technical industry enables the production of modern products with improved properties.

  • Produce responsibly with the future of our planet in mind.
  • Innovate your products with natural, high-quality fibers!

The quality of our products is confirmed
by the following certificates