Apart from the applications mentioned previously, products from Custom Fiber are very versatile and useful in many other food applications. Being naturally healthy, fibers can also provide multiple functionalities in different food systems. Some common examples include:

  • Carrier for flavors and seasonings. Fibers can be used to absorb and deliver flavors, oils and oleoresins while also acting as an anti-caking agent.
  • Organoleptic improvement in beverages. Some fibers can provide cloudiness in fruit beverages and also imitate fruit pulp.
  • Anti-sticking in confectioneries. Low level inclusions of fibers in confectioneries can reduce the stickiness of candies and jellies, preventing the final product from sticking to its wrapper.
  • Controlling moisture in fruit products. In marmalade-like products and fruit-based fillings, fibers can bind free water from the syneresis process, thus, improving moisture control.
  • Preventing fat cap in canned meats. When fibers are used in canned meat products (such as Pâté, corned beef and meat spreads), the fat cap that is often present at the top of the can will be minimized by low level inclusion of fibers.
  • Better consistency in condiments. Fibers are often used in food condiments such as salsas, mustard (including wasabi), ketchup, spice sauces, etc. to provide for better control of the consistency of the product.

In short, the applications of fibers in foods are endless and only limited to one’s creativity and imagination. For more information, please contact our Application Experts.