Benefits can be divided into two main categories,

  1. Functional (improving texture,appearance, crispiness and other physical parameters)
  2. Nutritional (boosting the fiber content and/or reducing the caloric content for dietary purposes)

Specific advantages can include (but is not limited to the following):

  • Longer shelf life
  • Improved crust formation
  • Better texture
  • Flavour carrier
  • Lower energy losses during extrusion and drying
  • Better crispiness
  • Enhanced resistance to physical handling
  • Higher dietary fiber content

Certain fibers when added to wafer dough can reduce viscosity.  Therefore less water can be added, which translates to  less energy needed for baking! In addition the wafers are stronger, crispier and more resistant to breakage  In summary for wafers, fibers can provide the following:

  • Quicker baking process
  • Improved crispiness
  • Flavour carrier
  • Slower soaking of wafer cones from  melting ice cream
  • Improved and shorter kneading process for the  dough

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