The Meat industry is one of the sectors where Custom Fiber has played a key role in transforming. Meat products, where fiber is used may be summarized as follows:

Injection Brines:

  • Retained juiciness of the product
  • Enhanced texture
  • Limited appearance of gel pockets
  • Better muscle binding
  • Lower weight losses during heat treatment
  • Limited leakage when vacuum  packed
  • Consistent quality

Cuttered Products:

  • Limits leakage in hot sausages
  • Used as a Fat substitute
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Better filling cohesion and stability
  • Enhanced casings' filling
  • Improved texture and bite
  • Consistent  quality
  • Reduced leakage when vacuum packed

In countries with substantial  market share of high-yield products, fibers are widely used. This is mostly to reinforce and stabilize the effect of hydrocolloids usage, preventing losses and improving shelf life and appearance.

Meatballs & burgers

  • Limited losses during heat treatment
  • Improved freeze-thaw stability
  • Increased yield
  • Reduced shrinking during cooking
  • Enhanced texture
  • Better firmness
  • Neutral taste and flavour
  • Consistent quality

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