Apple Fiber for Your Needs

8 October 2021

Lately, consumers are looking for products with shorter labels and decreased amount of additives. They also want these products to be as health beneficial as possible, because of the ingredients balancing out the diets. There is a couple of ingredients that fit into that role, however, there is a one that stands out: food fiber. Various raw marerials can be the source of fiber. There is one fiber in particular, apple fiber, that is appreciated for its, both organoleptic and technological features. It is produced from rich in fiber parts of the apple and the rest is used for juice production.

It is widely used by many manufacturers around the globe, because of this fact. It is usually applied in bakery products, and it can be seen in other branches, such as snacks, meat, beverages, dairy, diet supplements, and pet food.

Apple fiber is a natural product with unlimited potential. It can be used as a colourant due to its brownish colour. Products with the fiber applied are also fresh in flavour that most imprtantly is not usual apple flavour, but a distinct subtle feeling of freshness. The fiber not only improves the sensory properties, but also brings a lot of technological benefits. It stabilises the product thanks to its water binding properties. The dosage can go from 0.5% to 5% depending on the product. Above all, various branches of food industry have different calculation methodes, however, we, as a fiber producer, offer assisstance with the optimal dosage measurement. The application of apple fiber to the product is not complicated at all. The only change that may happen is the increased water addition. 

The fiber is used in the production of fruit fillings. It sbailises the mass and lowers the risk of softening the cake and crust, due to its water binding properties. That is why it is used in the production of bakery products with fruit fillings, for example apple pies.