Fiber trends

8 October 2021

Many consumers are interested in the functional and nutritional ingredients that could help with maintaining their health and improving wellbeing. One of such ingredients is fiber. Consumer consciousness of the importance of dietary fibers is rising. Thus, more and more of them acknowledge the high fiber content as an important cause when choosing a product. To meet this rising trend, food and drink manufacturers are focusing on the development of new, rich in fiber products. They are also reworking the existing formulas to enrich them with fiber.

The graph below shows top five food and drink category launches with high fiber, or fiber added claim:

As it could be seen on the graph, breakfast cereals category has the overwhelming majority of the new releases with high/added fiber claim, even though the percentage has lowered slightly.

Fiber has been used in food industry for a while now. Apart from those ingredients that have been in use, new sources of fiber are being tested by multiple companies. As it could be seen on the graph below, inulin is the most used new fiber: