Chokeberry fiber is obtained by purifying chokeberry pomace followed by micronization (ground down to powders of varying fiber lengths) and finally sterilized via steam treatment.

The production process is trictly physical. The product does ot contain any chemical substances and is

Description of preparation
Free-flowing powder with homogeneous consistency (slight caking is allowed.)

The colour of the powder is reddish brown. Flavour and odour are characteristic of its raw material, without off-flavours and foreign odours.


Due to the strong natural colour of the raw material it may be used for colouring food.  Its high thermal stability makes it a perfect ingredient for bakery applications such as cakes, cookies and breads. In chocolate/cocoa products, it may be used to enhance colour, giving products a more consistent appearance regardless the type of cocoa used.

This fiber still contains some of the raw material’s natural taste and odour but the effect is not overpowering. In some applications it might even be an advantage as it enriches their taste, providing light and fresh fruity notes.  It is also excellent for fruit preparations especially those used in desserts.

Additionally, this product is characterized by its significant content od polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants present in chokeberry.